The Church of Christ
and the "church" of the evildoers

_________ part 2 _________

Beloved, believe not every spirit, but try the spirits whether they are of God (John.4:1-3)

And so, the teaching about the salvation
is not just “yet another ideology” like any of the numerous philosophies, which are human compositions, inventions, and speaking, that if you find it appealing, you may also save yourself.  No.  The only teaching about the salvation of the human race, about the salvation of man, preaches for the return of man to unity with God - as St.  Ignatius Bryianchaninov teaches (and other Saints as well).

- As the man Adam (the man of fall and death) after his fall bore posterity - the mankind (Vine) of death and perishment - and this IS NOT just an ideology, but A BODY, A TREE, FLESH, A UNITY OF THE PEOPLE OF destruction. 
- As well God-man - Lord Jesus Christ (the Man of Resurrection and Salvation - the Victor over Death - the Saviour), also brought forth posterity - the Mankind of the Resurrection and Salvation - - and this IS NOT just an ideology, but it is the Orthodox Church of Christ - the GENUINE Orthodox Church of Christ, and not at all something similar to the many false imitations of His Church!

- As the humanity, born in Adam - the humanity of destruction - is not merely an ideology, but is a A BODY, TREE, FLESH, UNITY of people,
- As well the Genuine Church of Christ - the Humanity of the Resurrection and Salvation - is not merely “an ideology of salvation”, but is A BODY, TREE, FLESH - the Flesh of our Lord Jesus Christ - the Flesh of the Saviour!  (Eph.1:23), (Col.1:18)

The Humanity in Christ = The Humanity of the Resurrection and Salvation - is a Mankind entirely different from the mankind in Adam - this is The Unity of People Mystically (through the Mysteries of the Church) incarnated in Lord Jesus Christ - in the New Adam - in the Saviour - this is THE UNITY OF PEOPLE, united with God! - this is THE restoration of the lost unity of men with God!

The Apostle says, «Beloved, believe not every spirit, but try the spirits whether they are of God» (1Jn.4:1-3) The spirit which confesses the exceptional necessity of unity of the man with the Body, the Church - this One and Only and Indivisible UNITY OF PEOPLE, united with God, for the man’s salvation - is a spirit of God. The spirit which does not confess the exceptional necessity of unity of the man with the BODY, the Church for the man’s salvation, but rather speaks of “ideologies” and “economies” (indulgence) in favour of those people who are outside this THEOANTHROPICAL UNITY, i.e.  that they can also be saved “by economy” (by indulgence), - then this spirit IS NOT OF GOD, this is the spirit of the antichrist, and even if it speaks through the mouth of a Bishop or Patriarch -let him be anathema!  (Gal.1:8-9) “EVERYONE, who should speak against what is established, even if he were worthy of faith, even if he were fasting, even if he were working signs, even if he were prophesying, consider him a WOLF in a sheep’s clothing who DOES HARM to the sheep!”
The Apostle also speaks about the apostles, “we can do nothing against the Truth but FOR the Truth!” (2Cor.13:8) How much more strongly this applies to the Bishops (Patriarchs and others), -the Successors of the Apostles, - especially to their today’s successors! 
Here we must remind again, that not only through heresy is a man cut from the Church, but also through schism.

What we have related here are not simply “various human opinions, suggestions, or theories”...NO!

- This world, having fallen away from God, and consequently lost the knowledge of the Truth, has it in its fallen nature to make different opinions or theories about God (the human’s mind draws up its own fictions about the Supramental) - in which way ALL the heresies and false religions in the world have emerged - up to the most fearful heresy of ecumenism! 

- But, for us the Orthodox Christians, is not inherent such delusion because, as we have already emphasized, we have the Divine Revelation - the Knowledge of the Absolute Truth, and woe to us if we say we do not have it, because this would be the same as RENOUNCING CHRIST! NO!!!  We HAVE this Absolute Revelation from God, although we are unworthy, God has deigned (6) us with it!  And we are OBLIGED to hold this revelation AND WE DO HOLD it, again due to GOD’S POWER, and not due to our infirmities!  The Divine Revelation - the Absolute, Exceptional, Only, given to man by God, - can be learned in the DOGMATICS of the Holy Orthodox Church. And Dogmatics is an exact science! Like Mathematics, like Physics!... Dogmatics is the Science of Truth!

In this humble work we merely present
the simplest truths of the Dogmatics.
That is, what is known even to the little children, - what is being studied by youths for their entrance examinations to the seminary(9) without knowledge of which elementary truths they cannot be admitted there.  These simplest childish truths of the Dogmatics of the Church =
The science of Absolute Truth
are contained in this little and modest work.


And so, the Church is ONE!

The Church is ONE, ONLY and INDIVISIBLE!

And it is impossible that there existed two, three and so on, “churches” - God Himself DOES NOT ALLOW IT!
God is not of two beliefs: “One Lord, one faith, one Baptism” (Eph.4:4-5).

Here is the Way, the Truth and the Life!

Christ is the Head of the Church, and the Church is His Body (Eph.1:22-23, Eph.5:23-30, Col.1:12-24). And it is not possible that there is One Head with several bodies or with one divided into parts Body - this is blasphemous even to think!
The Absolute Truth is this:
- There is One Head Christ of the One and Indivisible Body of His = the Orthodox Church!
If a group of people separates from the One Indivisible Church of Her One Head Christ - then this group just falls away from the One Church from the One Christ - there have not "become two churches".
And men fall away from the Unity with the One Christ with the One Church if they do not stay firm in the One Unalterable Orthodox Faith (Col.1:23) which He revealed to us through the Holy Apostles (Gal.1:8-9).

Christ is The Vine, and the Apostles are branches of The Vine Christ (John.15:5).
Today’s Bishops are successors of the Apostles UNDER THE CONDITION THAT THEY SHALL RIGHTLY RULE THE WORD OF GOD’S TRUTH(!) (see the RITE of the holy Liturgy) - and the priests in their turn are also branches under the same condition! The faithful are united in the Vine with the priests and with Christ on the same condition - that is why they are named FAITHFUL!

If some priest or Bishop does not keep the word of Lord’s Truth right, he cuts himself off the Vine and falls in schism or heresy. (Gal.1:8-9)
The very word "heresy" means separation (gr. Αιρώ = I separate).
Lord Jesus Christ Himself says to his Apostles: “I am the Vine, ye are the branches: He that abideth in me, and I in him, the same bringeth forth much fruit: for without Me ye can do nothing. If a man abide not in Me, he is cast forth as a branch, and is withered; and men gather them, and cast them into the fire, and they are burned.” (Jn.15:1-6)

This means: In schism or heresy a branch is separated from the Vine, Jesus Christ. As a result, with him and remove all branches and all tiny branches that are united with him. If the branch that departs is a Bishop or a priest, then all his flock, all the laymen, who stay in unity with him depart too. They fall away from the Church Mysteries, necessary for the salvation!

This is a simple Truth, but not all understand it clearly. Therefore an explanation is necessary: A Bishop, who  is cut (or has cut himself) from the Tree of Life, as well as the priests who remain with him, LOSE the power to bind and loose - LOSE the power to perform Sacraments because they have separated from Christ Himself, Who had given them this power!
- In their rituals is performed only the outward side - the one visible to the human eye.
- the Invisible, Mystical one IS NOT performed!
- a Sacrament is not performed, only a human dry ritual!
In fact, they never bind and loose!
Therefore they lose the possibility of Salvation!
Why? Because - here is an example: you came to confess in front of such a "priest". He has a beard (if he has!), he is dressed in cassock, wears a stole and other vestments of a priest, you tell him your sins and he reads you a prayer to absolve (loose, remit) the sins, which you confessed. But here, he CAN NOT absolve them!
Why? Because, by reason of his heresy=separation from Christ, he has lost the power to bind and loose - and here is why he can not loose (free) you as well of your sins! And you - just as you have come, so you have gone - carrying your sins with you! ...

For this reason not only the shepherd but also the sheep that are with him, will be sentenced! Because they follow him themselves in perdition!  They are responsible for themselves, because they disobey God and do not leave such shepherds!  Lord commands to leave them - this is a God’s commandment:  “Let them alone:  they be blind leaders of the blind.  And if the blind lead the blind, both shall fall into the ditch.” (Mt.15:14). In many cases, demanding obedience from the flock, these false shepherds mislead people to disobey God!  But the Apostles say clearly:  we must obey God more than men (Acts.4:19).  “Wherefore come out from among them, and be ye separate, saith the Lord, and touch not the unclean thing; and I will receive you (2Cor.6:16-18).  So, it is clear and evident:  not only the shepherd that has departed from the Vine falls into perdition, but also the sheep that follow him (Mt.15:14)! 
This happens in all heresies.
This happens also in the “church”of the ALLheresy of ecumenism.
This happens also in all schisms.

So, there is no salvation neither in the schisms, nor in the church of the new-calendarists ecumenists, as it is a heretical church and it stays in the most dangerous heresy of the whole human history - the Alheresy of ecumenism. There is Salvation only in the ONE Genuine Church of Christ!

Only he, who, through the Church Mysteries was born in the Vine Jesus Christ and stays in united in this Tree of Life, has the hope of Eternal Life - because God gave ONLY this path for Salvation! Holy Apostle John the Teologian also speaks of this, as we already cited, in his First Epistle General, ch.4, ph.1-3:  «Beloved, believe not every spirit, but try the spirits whether they are of God: because many false prophets are gone out into the world.  Hereby know ye the Spirit of God: Every spirit that confesseth that Jesus Christ is come in the Flesh is of God: And every spirit that confesseth no that Jesus Christ is come in the flesh is not of God:  and this is that spirit of antichrist, whereof ye have heard that it should come; and even now already is it in the world.»

Maybe someone would ask:  “But the heretics also believe that Christ came in the flesh, don’t they?  What is the difference?” Answer: The heretics believe, if they believe, but they do not confess the Flesh of our Lord Jesus Christ. The false-orthodox ecumenists also believe, but they do not confess the Flesh of our Lord Jesus Christ. Even the demons believe that our Lord Jesus Christ came in the Flesh, but they do not confess at all - they just shake (Jacob 2:19).  One thing is to “BELIEVE” and another thing is to “CONFESS”. The meaning of to “CONFESS” consists also DEED.  The deed of uniting with the Vine Jesus Christ. To CONFESS the Body of Lord Jesus Christ means to unite with this Body - as AN EXCEPTIONAL NECESSITY FOR SALVATION!

If the heretics, heretics-ecumenists, schismatics, non-Christian wish to confess that Lord Jesus Christ came in the Flesh - they have to cut themselves from the Vine Adam, where they are, because where they are there is no salvation, and to join the Vine Jesus Christ - the Body of Christ!
THIS is the way to confess the exceptional need man has of salvation - through uniting with the Body, i.e. the Church:  renewal of the union with God!

And those who does not wish to confess in this manner the Lord Jesus Christ Who came to the Flesh (1Ioan.1:1-3) and remains in the Vine Adam – either through one’s schism, or through one’s heresy – has no hope of salvation, as no one in Adam was saved, even John the Baptist, the greatest of all who were born in Adam, but all went to Hell.
That is why Lord Jesus Christ testifies: 
«Verily I say unto you, Among them that are born of women (that is - in the tree Adam!) there hath not risen a greater than John the Baptist:  notwithstanding he that is least in the kingdom of heaven (that is among the ones born in the Tree Jesus Christ!) is greater than he» (Mt.11:11, Lk.7:28)

In order to obtain hope of salvation, the one who wants to save himself must confess and cut himself from the vine Adam, and join the Body of our Lord Jesus Christ = His Holy Orthodox Church.

How actually is this accomplished?

This is clearly stipulated in the Holy Pedalion (The Canons of The Holy Orthodox Church).
This is the answer of the Holy Fathers, the answer of the Church of Christ: this is indeed the only teaching that leads to Salvation - the teaching of the Holy Orthodox Church.

Every clergyman - no matter if he is a priest or High Priest - who preaches otherwise, who speaks of “economies” and gives the Holy Sacraments - The Body of Lord Jesus Christ to a man not yet joined to The Body of Lord Jesus Christ = to the Holy Orthodox Church, - such a clergyman IS NOT MAKING economy, but an extreme lawlessness:  HE IS GUILTY of the Body and the Blood of the Lord!!!  (1Cor.11:27) - by NOT DISCERNING the Body of the Lord!  (1Cor.11:29):

- the one who acknowledges the false “sacraments” of the heretics as Sacraments (see Apost. Canon N46)tc "- the one who acknowledges Sacraments the “sacraments” of the heretics (see Apost. Canon N46)"

- the one who acknowledges the false “baptism” of the heretics as Baptism (see Apost. Canon N47), or even worse - the pouring over of the heretics acknowledges as Baptism (see Apost.  Canon N49 and N50 along with the commentaries of st. Nicodemos about the limits of the economies) is a wolf in sheep’s clothing, who does harm to the sheep towards destruction!  The one who speaks differently - is a wolf in sheep’s clothing doing harm to the sheep towards destruction!  (Mt.7:15, Jer.23:16-17, Jn.10:12)

Thus saith God Holy Spirit Himself through St. Mark of Ephesus, repeating the words that has said through st.  Ignatius Theophorus «EVERYONE who should speak against what is established, even if he were worthy of faith, if he were fasting, if he were working signs, if he were prophesying, consider him a wolf in sheep’s clothing, who does harm to the sheep towards destruction!»

The one who belongs to the ONE Only and indivisible - to the GENUINE Church of Christ, and does not appreciate the Treasure he is endowed with, but brings Her together with those schisms and heresies, which only call themselves “also churches”, considering them “one and the same” with the Church of Christ , he commits a culpable DISREGARD OF THE INCARNATION OF CHRIST AND HIS WHOLE WORK OF THE SALVATION, and sooner or later he will be punished for this offence, and will be cut from this ONLY Church of Christ - from His ONLY Body, which he DID NOT APPRECIATE anyway, DID NOT RESPECT, but equated It with all these human organizations - schisms and heresies, and thus blasphemed It! 
No doubt, this one (moreover if he is of the clergy, who bear greater responsibility) will have to prepare for the fearful answer before Lord Jesus Christ on His Dreadful Judgement and the eternity after it.

Now and onwards for us, the new “adams of the New Testament, who have by God’s Grace found themselves in the “Heaven on earth”, - in the Holy Orthodox Church, the first commandment of God is renewed:  It is allowed we to taste ONLY of the Tree of Life, and in no case of the tree of knowledge of good and evil – because the Law of God is invariable unto ages of ages!
That is why the Law of God is renewed after the restoration of Adam to the Paradise on earth - in the Church of Christ.  She is the Vine of Salvation and Eternal Life - the Tree of Salvation. 

The tree of knowledge of good and evil - is the tree Adam with all the heresies and with the “church” of the new-calendarism and ecumenism, with all the schisms, and with all the religions, which were invented-composed by the fallen man after he fell away from God, and lost the knowledge of the Truth.

To us, the new “adams” of the New Testament, who by the Grace of God have found themselves in the “Heaven on earth” - in the Holy Orthodox Church the first God’s commandment is renewed:  It is allowed to taste ONLY of the Tree of Life and in no case of the tree of knowledge of the good and evil.

This means – it is forbidden to have religious communion, sacramental communion with these religions of the fallen nature, so as not to lose the Paradise:
«Be ye not unequally yoked together with unbelievers:  for what fellowship hath righteousness with unrighteousness?  and what communion hath light with darkness?  And what concord hath Christ with Belial?  or what part hath he that believeth with an infidel?  And what agreement hath the temple of God with idols?» (2Cor.6:14-16)

This is the confession of our faith: «EVERYONE who should speak against what is established, even if he were worthy of faith, if he were fasting, if he were working signs, if he were prophesying, consider him a wolf in sheep’s clothing, who does harm to the sheep towards destruction!»

Every heretic (not excluding the heretics of the new calendar - the panheresy of ecumenism), schismatic or infidel, who does not accept our Lord Jesus Christ, does not confess His Body and cut himself from the tree Adam - the body of corruption and death, and does not join (in the LAWFUL way) the Body of Salvation - he remains on the tree of the fallen human nature, on the tree of destruction where there has never been salvation since the fall of Adam - which is why the world needs the Saviour, the Redeemer! 

And now, after this sent by God Saviour Redeemer, has arrived in the world - now this heretic or schismatic, or infidel or - is rejecting the Saviour, the Redeemer, Who did come to the world!

To all these, who have not accepted Him, after He, long-awaited, did come, what is left? The Apostle answers: «there remaineth no more sacrifice of sins, but a certain fearful looking for of judgement and fiery indignation, which shall devour the adversaries. He that despised Moses’ law died without mercy under two or three witnesses: of how much sorer punishment, suppose ye, shall he be thought worthy, who hath trodden under foot the Son of God, and hath counted the blood of the covenant, wherewith he was sanctified, an unholy thing, and thus hath blasphemed the Spirit of Grace? It is a fearful thing to fall into the hands of the living God!» (Heb.10:26-31)

So everyone who likewise did not accepted the Lord Jesus Christ - the Apostle above clearly indicates that they have blasphemed the Spirit of the grace (the Holy Spirit) - and for the there is no those forgiveness neither in this world nor in the future (Mat.12:31-32) (except, of course, if they repent while alive)! - All of them by their works and life have daringly declared to God: «God, the Christ Whom You sent us, we do not accept.  We shall exalt ourselves our “christ” - from the earth.  Him we shall receive, him we shall worship!»

Thus, the logical development of this whole world of adversaries (Heb.10:27) is - the antichrist! (Jn.5:4)

Follows: How the coming of the Antichrist
will be carried out
>>> part 3


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Spiritual Genealogy

Do not renounce your roots - lest you be cut off from the root!


The Church of Christ
and the "church" of the evildoers



Православен Празничник

Православните Празници

"Православен Календар"

- да, така сме свикнали
обикновено да четем
Но по-правилно е
да насочим нашето

Православните Празници
 защото те са важните
а не човешките числа!



За Църквата Христова
и за църквата на лукавстващите


Всяка Наука извежда към Бога


За Православната Църковна проповед

КАК да различаваме лесно
- Православната проповед
- от лукавата проповед!


на Древната Българска Цивилизация

е най-точният и
в света.


Истинската Цивилизация 
На Древните



Нашите Светии

Светите Братя
Кирил и Методий

са Българи
от Царствения род Дуло

– вижте тяхното

Родословно Дърво
до 7 поколения назад!

Не се отричай от своите Корени – за да не бъдеш ти отсечен от корен!



Нашите Светии
(Статията е на Руски език
Български превод се очаква)

Наши Святые
Въ Писменехъ
и Кънигъ и Папирусехъ

Святая Равноапостольная Ольга Просветитеньница
Всея Руси

Святой Михаил Первый Митрополит Киевский и Всея Руси Чудотворец Болгарин

Не отрицайся Корней своихчтобы небыл ты отсечен от корня!


Защо Натанаил
и другите като него клеветят
Истинните Православни Християни
че уж били секта, или ерес и с други
лъжливи епитети?


и вие ще откриете Истинния отговор САМИ!


Отец Иоан, помогнете на Владика Натанаил.

История на прилагането
на резултатната терапия

и полезни сведения, които многократно увеличават ефективността на нейното действие






на Истинни Православни Християни

по машинациите
на Натанаил


Какво е това АНАТЕМА?

бягството на Лот от проклетия от Бога Содом преди да излее Бог Своя справедлив гняв над това що Сам Той
е проклел


Истинската Българска
е по-древна
от латинската
и гръцката

с хилядолетия

и историческите факти свидетелстват че и двете тези са произлезли от нея.

Светите Братя Кирил и Методий (Българи от Царствения род Дуло) НЕ СА ИЗМИСЛИЛИ НОВА Азбука на Българите а само са направили РЕФОРМА на Азбуката на Древната Българска Цивилизация.


Драги нашенецо, ти си изучавай и си говори
Английски език
аз лично съм привърженик на Британския и се стремя да избягвам съблазънта на американизирането му)
обаче, моля те, недей прекомерно да се превземаш и да се увличаш и да залиташ в Англомания, защото, честно да ти призная - започва да ми се гади...

За това, което може би никога не си чувал за

Анлийския език
клик ТУК!


Истинската Цивилизация 
На Древните



НЕ Е най-големият строеж
в света!

В сравнение с пирамидите на Древната Българска Цивилизация,
открити в Имеон (нашата древна прародина)
Хеопс е джудже!


Национализъм, патриотизъм и национал-нихилизъм

Много добре ми е ясно, че много от хората които четат предидущата публикация
Английския език Драги нашенецо,.... също и много нашенци, ще ме укорят в неприязън към други нации и може би даже в
Български шовинизъм.
Това обаче няма да е вярно.
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