The Church of Christ
and the "church" of the evildoers

(A humble work in which is adverted a fundamental knowledge on the Dogmatics - a Science of the Exactness)


Many people, even some Genuine Orthodox Christians often speak of the Church, of the Orthodoxy, yet in the end in all this common phraseology of theirs, which they use from time to time, they have gone away from the roots of the Orthodoxy, from the very Essence. Even though speaking about the Orthodoxy, all their ideas and their speeches come to something usual, outward, which they have apprehended from their parents, which however does not conform to the actual essence of our Faith, that is - what actually the Holy Orthodoxy, the Holy Church of Christ is. That is why as a consequence they often cannot discern the Truth from the lie, the Church of Christ from the church of the evildoers. That is why they do get lead astray by the evil one, who is trying to lead astray, if possible, even the elect (Mt.24:24). The expression “church of the evildoers” is given to us in the Psalms - there it is pointed to us by God Himself. The Holy Spirit Himself through the holy Prophet David speaks: “I have hated the congregation of evildoers; and will not sit with the wicked” (Ps.26:5)

+/ NOTIFICATION: The holy Icon above: ”The Church of Christ and the church of the evildoers”. A copy of the fresco in the Zographo Monastery, 1817 y., Holy Mnt. Athos.


Which is the Church of Christ and which is the church of the evildoers?

It is known to everyone, that in the world during the early development of the mankind a multitude of religions have emerged and even more theories announcing God’s existence. The great French scientist Blez Pascal in his book “Thoughts” (Les Pences) comes to the doubtlessly exact conclusion, that the existence of so many religions and philosophical teachings about God testifies that man has separated from God. Because, if man were not separated from God, then the religion would have been
only one – the Theoanthropical!
But since he has separated from God, man has lost the knowledge of the Truth and this loss of the truth brought him to the composition of various human religions. Therefore: true is only this one religion, which acknowledges that man has separated from God.

This great scientist conducted his investigation in the Middle Ages, and despite he did not belong to the Orthodox Church, with this powerful spirit of his he theoretically came to the Orthodoxy, which brought about to him not a few problems with the popish environment.  By his Philosophical level Pascal, in my own opinion, rises to the second place after the greatest Hellene philosopher Socrates, for without having practical knowledge, their spirit by the Will of God came up to the footstool of the Revelation, to the threshold of the knowledge of the Truth.

The only teaching about the Salvation.

For us to be able to understand the essence, let us start from the very beginning: God has revealed to us that man has really separated from Him. The various religions, non- Christian do not mention this separation and do not acknowledge it. These days we can see a series of people trying to persuade us that all religions speak of God as if they come from God Himself. However, if this were the truth then why are there so many deep and fundamental differences between the religions? How could God reveal to somebody one truth and to somebody else - not only a different truth but even totally the opposite? Therefore, it is impossible that all religions come from the Truth!
Our faith, the Holy Orthodoxy is not a human invention, national epos, legend. It is the GOD’S REVELATION. THE ONLY ONE AND EXCEPTIONAL.

What actually has God revealed to us?

God created man.  He gave him reason and a relatively infinite and most complete knowledge of the Truth.  We say “relatively infinite and most complete”, because ONLY God is really Absolute.  God has given him free will and possibility of self-determination.  

He has enthroned man as a king of the whole visible world:
- the matter, the space and the time and also of the plant and the animal life.
Man was united with God - Who is the Life of man!
The only prohibition of God to Adam was: the practical experience of the tree of the knowledge of good and evil. Namely, God has forbidden Adam to taste of the tree of the knowledge of good and evil.

Adam had the theoretical knowledge of tasting the tree of good and evil. In the same way as if God had told him “There is poison in this cup.  Do not drink from this cup, because you will die!” or “There is a danger there!  Do not go there, for you will die!”, Adam had this knowledge, but only theoretically. By such theoretical knowledge the poison HAD NO EFFECT on him, it did not kill.

And here is his fall:  he wished to have also the practical (experimental) knowledge:  “Well, let me check - is it really that?  Will I really die?”

Adam fell into the temptation under the suggestion of the first dead person and enemy of God - Eosphorus.  Through the practical knowledge (through tasting) the tree of the knowledge of good and evil, Adam lost the Eternal Life in the Paradise.  

After his fall, during his life on the earth, Adam gave birth to posterity, to descendants, the whole mankind.  So, we have the man Adam on one hand and the whole mankind, that is named Adam, on the other hand.  How to explain this?

All men came from one source, from one spring - Adam

The whole mankind became as a grape Vine.  It was named Adam, for the Origin that this Vine has descended from
is Adam himself.

The whole mankind became as a grape Vine.  It was named Adam, for the Origin that this Vine has descended from is Adam himself. 
In the teachings of the Holy Fathers the name Adam is mentioned on the one hand to denote the person of Adam, and on the other - the whole human Race. 
All the people, each descendant of Adam was born infected with the disease of death, because he originated from the very same spring - Adam - who was infected with the disease whose name is DEATH.

From that time on, as st. Ignatius Bryianchaninov also testifies, the common doom of all men has been perishment (death).  This is what inherited every person born in Adam. For this reason at the expiration of their earthly life, people descended to Hades (Hell).  All of them.  Both the evil and the good.  Both the righteous and the unrighteous. No religion and no philosophy could save the man from this doom, common to all men.

A question often heard is: “Why not some righteous and good man, who, nevertheless, is not christian, be saved?” It is understandable when such a question is asked by a person, who is not a christian himself.  If he is a christian, then it becomes clear that he is a christian only by name and on the whole, he has no knowledge what christianity is, or he has generally departed from this knowledge.  The answer of the impossibility for salvation of non-christians is given to us by the Holy Fathers - the Saints of the Living God:
salvation is impossible for the heretics, the non-christians and the schismatics, even if they have good deeds.

For example, St.  Ignatius Bryanchaninov (1867) in his lecture “ON THE DEEDS OF THE ORTHODOX FAITH AND ON THE IMPOSSIBILITY OF SALVATION FOR THE HERETICS AND NON-CHRISTIANS EVEN IF THEY HAVE GOOD DEEDS.” answers to such christians:  “Christians!  You let your imagination run around the salvation, building fancys and fibs, not understanding it and the reason why the world needs Salvation, and ultimately you do not know Christ, Who is the Only One, through Which we acquire the Salvation.  So, here is the ONLY teaching on the question, the teaching of the Holy Orthodox Church: The Salvation consists in the returning of man to the unity with God - Who is the Life of man!  This unity was lost for the whole mankind, because of the falling of our ancestors.  Since then, all men, after the end of their life on earth, descended into Hell. Not only the sinners but also the righteous. “I was shapen in iniquity, and in sin did my mother conceive me”.  According to the psalm, Patriarch Jacob says about himself and his pure and chaste son: “I will go down into the Hades unto my son mourning” (Gen.37:35). Such was the power of the good deeds of the mankind in Adam.

Such was the price of the virtues of our fallen nature.  Neither with his intelligence, nor with his virtues could Adam, or any other man, save himself from this common destiny, from this common perishment.  Unable to save himself was even the greatest of the Prophets, St. John the Baptist!  Lord Jesus Christ testifies about the Baptist, that he is the greatest among those who were born by women - in other words, born in Adam (Mt.11:11; Lk.7:28).  If even this greatest one after his bodily death descended to Hell, then still more how are the mohammedans, the heretics and the non-Christians going to evade Hell, even if they have good deeds!  Can they reach the Baptist with their good deeds, moreover, can they surpass him - the greatest of all who were born by a woman? 

How then, in this situation they dare speak, as if all religions were from God, since none of these religions could bring salvation to Adam.  How could we start to believe, that all the rest of the religions are also leading to salvation?  And what significance at all could have whichever of the WHOLE WORLD’S religions(!?) After they could not find a way out then, how would they succeed in this now?

There was an indispensable need for the coming of Saviour!

For the sake of man’s Salvation it was necessary that a Saviour came! For the restoration of the lost unity of man with God Who is the Life of man it was necessary that there should come a Redeemer - to bring Deliverance!
The redemption, the deliverance of man was done not by an Angel, or an Archangel, or by some higher heavenly being - created and therefore limited. The Salvation was wrought by the Very God Infinite. God had promised Adam that He Himself will send him the Saviour.
For the salvation of the human race God Himself decided
to become also a man, not ceasing to be God as well.

A new Man was born, Who was called Jesus Christ.  He was born not in the natural way like all the rest of the people in Adam, but supernaturally, - from the Most holy Theotokos and the All-holy Spirit.  A new Man Who was not infected with the illness of death.  By means of this supernatural conception He avoided the infection of the natural birth in Adam.

The Birth of Christ was a miracle - the Birth of the New Adam. 

This was THE ONLY way of saving the people, which was chosen by God Himself

Then how should it be possible that another religion could also lead to salvation?

When He became a man, God did not merge the natures nor separate them nor alter them, but both His natures - the Divine and the human - remained perfect and unchanged. 
The New Adam, Jesus Christ, the Theoanthropos, The Only Sinless One, decided to accept even death - for the SALVATION of the human race.

Some sceptics ask, "How can God be born? How could He die?"

We will also ask the sceptics some questions - let them think and respond:
- Is there anything impossible for the Almighty? Is there something that He, The Absolute, to wish - and can not do?
- Is it possible God to cannot wish - also to be born?
- who could limit His freedom - to want what He Himself wishes?
- Is it possible God to not be born - as he himself wished?

Answer - unequivocal:
b) All the relative
are born -
as The Absolute orders them!
A) The Absolute is born -
as He Himself wishes!

It is impossible to describe what actually took place when Christ descended to Hell.  Neither a man, nor an Angel would be able to describe the majesty of what happened. 
We shall try, after our weaknesses to explain it approximately.

The Lord Jesus Christ went down not only with His human nature, but also with His Divine nature.
There happened something awesome, one fearful meeting.
One and only in the history of everything that is in being
the Absolute Life
met the trembling with horror death

and trampled it!

The proud but finite hades opened its mouth to devour the Unlimited God and burst from His Absolute Deity!
Here is how that indescribable event is worded in the liturgical text of the Sunday service of the seventh tone: hades drew nigh to Thee and in vain strove to crush Thy body with its teeth, breaking its jaws upon Thee, to wit: hades drew near to You and strove in vain to crush You with its teeth, breaking its jaws.
The brilliance of the Deity 
filled the darkness of hades with
most Powerful Light!!! 

beyond description!…

The whole Hell, the entire nether world, all the demons and Eosphorus still shake with horror when they remember this event, that is most terrible for them.
The Absolute Life defeated death. 
Christ overcame the one that had the power of death, that is, the devil.  (Heb.2:14-15).

The God-man = The Absolute Life = Jesus Christ - not only trod hell down and overcame death, but He rose - because death was not able to hold Him back!  (Acts.2:24), and along with Himself He set free all the dead, who expected Him with faith

All the Prophets, when they descended to Hell, preached the same they preached during their earthly life.  St.  John the Forerunner preached that there was coming the Mightier than him after him. (Matt.3:11, Mark.1:8, Luke.3:16, John.1:26-27). 
And everybody in Hell listened. All the souls, held in captivity for thousands of years.  Those who believed were set free!

Lord Jesus Christ - the Absolute Winner emptied Hell and filled up Heaven!

After His Resurrection, the New Adam
gave birth to a heritage.

Thus, a new Mankind is growing.  Mankind Jesus Christ.

So, we have: 
- On one side the man Adam and the mankind Adam.  On the other side - the God-man Jesus Christ (New Adam) and the Mankind Jesus Christ - the New Mankind. 
- On one side there is the vine Adam, that is the Tree of knowledge of good and evil.  On the other side is the Vine - Jesus Christ, that is the Vine of Life (John.15:1-6) - the Tree of Life.


The mystery of Baptism

The heritage of the New Adam, of the God-man Jesus Christ is born the same way as the God-man Jesus Christ Himself -
not naturally, but – supernaturally.
This happens through the Mystery of Baptism = John.3:3-5

Here's how it happens:

- The absolute King - the God-man Jesus Christ - gave His apostles the power to bind and release "Truly I say to you: Whatever you shall bind on earth shall be bound in heaven: and whatever you shall loose on earth shall be loosed in heaven." (Mat.18:18). So He sent them around the world to perform the Mystery of Baptism and the other Mysteries of The Church.

Why is it called Mystery?
Because there are two sides – visible and invisible:
- the event that happens in the visible world
- and that happens in parallel in the invisible world.

In the Mystery of Baptism the man is:
- visibly immersed (baptized) in the font, by three entire immersions, canonically, according to the commandment of the law - which is visible to the human eye
- and invisibly (Mystically) is cut from the Tree Adam - and is joined to (engrafted upon) the Tree Jesus Christ, to the Tree of Salvation.

This tree is indeed the Salvation of man, this is the Vine Jesus Christ, this is the restoration of the lost Unity of the man with God, it is the Paradise, it is the Heavenly Kingdom - in Heaven and in earth. (Mt.28:18)

So, with the Resurrection of our Lord and His Ascension, and with the completion of this Work of the Salvation by Him, there was born a new Vine.  The Vine Jesus Christ, the Vine of the Salvation and the Eternal Life - the Gog-man Jesus Christ - the Vine Jesus Christ - the New Humanity - the Genus of the Orthodox Christians - the Holy Orthodox Church!

All those who think that
“the Christianity is an idea” or - “an ideology”, or even think as if there could “exist christianity outside the Church” - are deeply mistaken, they have seduced themselves!

The Truth:
- Christian is the only one who is united with Christ!


The Truth is no more just an idea!  The Truth is a Personality - The Personality of Jesus Christ! (John.14:6) The Truth WAS INCARNATED! = and the Word became flesh (John.1:14)

Follows: «Beloved, believe not every spirit, but try the spirits whether they are of God» (John.4:1-3) >>> part 2


The Therapy of

The only (so far) in the world Methodology that
will cure cancer
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Of course - with God's help!

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Spiritual Genealogy

Do not renounce your roots - lest you be cut off from the root!


The Church of Christ
and the "church" of the evildoers



Православен Празничник

Православните Празници

"Православен Календар"

- да, така сме свикнали
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Но по-правилно е
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Православните Празници
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а не човешките числа!



За Църквата Христова
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Всяка Наука извежда към Бога


За Православната Църковна проповед

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на Древната Българска Цивилизация

е най-точният и
в света.


Истинската Цивилизация 
На Древните



Нашите Светии

Светите Братя
Кирил и Методий

са Българи
от Царствения род Дуло

– вижте тяхното

Родословно Дърво
до 7 поколения назад!

Не се отричай от своите Корени – за да не бъдеш ти отсечен от корен!



Нашите Светии
(Статията е на Руски език
Български превод се очаква)

Наши Святые
Въ Писменехъ
и Кънигъ и Папирусехъ

Святая Равноапостольная Ольга Просветитеньница
Всея Руси

Святой Михаил Первый Митрополит Киевский и Всея Руси Чудотворец Болгарин

Не отрицайся Корней своихчтобы небыл ты отсечен от корня!


Защо Натанаил
и другите като него клеветят
Истинните Православни Християни
че уж били секта, или ерес и с други
лъжливи епитети?


и вие ще откриете Истинния отговор САМИ!


Отец Иоан, помогнете на Владика Натанаил.

История на прилагането
на резултатната терапия

и полезни сведения, които многократно увеличават ефективността на нейното действие






на Истинни Православни Християни

по машинациите
на Натанаил


Какво е това АНАТЕМА?

бягството на Лот от проклетия от Бога Содом преди да излее Бог Своя справедлив гняв над това що Сам Той
е проклел


Истинската Българска
е по-древна
от латинската
и гръцката

с хилядолетия

и историческите факти свидетелстват че и двете тези са произлезли от нея.

Светите Братя Кирил и Методий (Българи от Царствения род Дуло) НЕ СА ИЗМИСЛИЛИ НОВА Азбука на Българите а само са направили РЕФОРМА на Азбуката на Древната Българска Цивилизация.


Драги нашенецо, ти си изучавай и си говори
Английски език
аз лично съм привърженик на Британския и се стремя да избягвам съблазънта на американизирането му)
обаче, моля те, недей прекомерно да се превземаш и да се увличаш и да залиташ в Англомания, защото, честно да ти призная - започва да ми се гади...

За това, което може би никога не си чувал за

Анлийския език
клик ТУК!


Истинската Цивилизация 
На Древните



НЕ Е най-големият строеж
в света!

В сравнение с пирамидите на Древната Българска Цивилизация,
открити в Имеон (нашата древна прародина)
Хеопс е джудже!


Национализъм, патриотизъм и национал-нихилизъм

Много добре ми е ясно, че много от хората които четат предидущата публикация
Английския език Драги нашенецо,.... също и много нашенци, ще ме укорят в неприязън към други нации и може би даже в
Български шовинизъм.
Това обаче няма да е вярно.
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