The Church of Christ
and the "church" of the evildoers

_________ part 3 _________

How the coming of the Antichrist
will be carried out



The antichrist will establish his power on three pillars:  Politics, Economy, Religion.  That is, even before the Antichrist shall appear, the organization which is preparing his advent - the world masonry - will create three world sub-organizations:

P) Global Politics

E) Global Economy

R) Global Religion


If necessary we could through a detailed analysis doubtlessly ascertain, that:

) Global Politics already exists.  The examples are many.  There is not enough place in this short work to cite all of them.  We shall quote only the following:  the new passports of the states serve the world police - an organ of the Global Politics.

E) Global Economy - also exists - there is a world MONETARY UNIT!  Which?  It is not the dollar (for it is only of the US) and not the euro (for it is only of Europe).  The international money is the ELECTRONIC INFORMATION, and the coin is - the electronic UNIT. All the banks in the world are connected in a network, and operate within this monetary system.

logically the third one - the
R) Global Religion also exists!  Yes, it does!  The Global Religion is called the “PAN- heresy of ecumenism”.  They have created one Global Religion.  The unity of all the heresies, of all non-christian religions – the restoration of the Tower of Babel (Gen.11:4-9).
The program for the construction of this Global Religion is officially published nearly a century ago - in 1920 by the Patriarchate of Constantinople.
The compilers of this program for the construction of Global Religion placed as a first point of its performance: "perception of a common calendar for the celebration of the great Christian festivals together with all the churches" - and at this point with the name "all the churches" they labeled all the heresies .

In 1924 the builders of this new Tower of Babel (Bitie.11: 4-9) fulfilled the first point of their program: The new calendar was accepted by the State Church of Greece and the Patriarchate of Constantinople, and then followed them other state churches - and so they also fell into the pan-heresy of ecumenism =
global religion of the Antichrist. Bulgarian state church accepted the new (papal) calendar in 1968 and also fell into this heresy - last and most destructive of all the heresies.

To the Global Religion there belong all the human religions, which the fallen man has invented after he separated himself from God and lost the knowledge of the Truth, there belong all the “churches” which are cut from the Vine Jesus Christ.  To this Global Religion belongs also the new calendar ecumenistic “church”.  All these have common religious life, common rites, common liturgies.

Their unity is no more pursued - it already exists!  It is a reality! 
It is expressed in these common rites, common liturgies, common religious life...

For example, the participation of Christodulus, former “bishop” of Demetriade and present “archbishop” of all the new-calendarists (ecumenists) of Greece, in the World Council of Churches (which is the official name of the Global Religion - the PAN-heresy of ecumenism), where he headed a delegation, as an official representative of the Greek church, leading up to the shrine of heresy all the supposed “orthodox” greeks, who venerate and glorify him as their religious leader.

In the text that will follow, we will give a couple of examples, only informatively without details. It is impossible for us to describe the whole having evolved in the course of decades religious life of the PAN-heresy of ecumenism, moreover in an investigation of such a little volume.  Let the one who wants to learn more, read the work of the monk Jacob “Philimata Yiuda” (The kisses of Judas) - over 300 pages, “The Godless Dogma of the Ecumenism” - about 300 pages, the journal “St.  Agathangelos of Esphigmenou”... 

The events cited there are known. 

i-230814 001 In the text which follows there are also photos which are extracted from the official TV broadcasts of different countries all over the world.

They are not so well known in Greece and the rest of the orthodox countries, because they are not shown there in order to prevent the orthodox from realizing the deception, lest they should be outraged and go out of the delusion and deadliest nets of ecumenism.

In the other countries the heretics and non-christians rejoice at seeing them.

We shall quote only two most characteristic examples of joint liturgies.  They clearly show that
- the Global Religion is not in the process of building -
but has already been built - already lives and functions! 
There, in these joint mixed liturgies the liturgical life - common to all the sub-religions which compose this Global Religion, is EXPRESSED, finds a real expression - i.e.: 
- This Global Religion IS what you see!
-These examples give us an idea of it and a chance to observe and realize, that simply -
SUCH IT IS, this religion, and SUCH IS ALSO its life!


Particularly typical of these joint liturgies is that they usually begin with OPEN PAGANISM - a ritual invocation of the impure spirits - that they come and “bless” and “sanctify” the liturgy and all who are taking part in it.  Really, every normal person will at a glance comprehend, that this not only is not blessing and sanctification, but exactly the opposite: pollution and curse. 
In these joint liturgies there take part representatives of the new calendar “church” of Greece, of the Moscow Patriarchate and all the local official orthodox churches, or we’d better say, the calling themselves “orthodox”. The calling themselves “orthodox” in the same way as the rest of the present are accepting heathen “sanctifications” and “blessings”. These are different types of shamanism, ancient magic and various other kinds of open paganism and satanism.

The Global Religion uses such terms, that impart a more or less “scientific” ring both to the religion itself as an organization, and to the celebrations (congregations) it organizes:  “World Council of Churches”...  “The 6-th General Assembly of the World Council of Churches”...  yet the performed there shaman rites and the inter-religious babble and chaos in contrast with their names, have no scientific appearance.

i-230716 003 The joint relgious celebration in Vancuver, Canada, in August, 1983, began with a “holy” fire and an Indian shamanic ritual, invoking the filthy spirits to come and “bless” and “sanctify” the liturgy and all the participants. 

The Indians put up a totem with an image of the deity - patron of their tribe.
i-230716 004
A Judaic rabbi preaching about the unity between the Jews and the Christians. 

The calling themselves “orthodox” listeners of this sermon obviously do not object as if it were possible to have IDEOLOGICAL unity between:
1) those who crucified The Christ and deny that He is The Christ
and 2) themselves, who as if accept that He is The Christ - and accordingly call themselves “christians”, “orthodox” in addition, as if they worshipped Him and not His crucifiers and their sham christ - the antichrist!

i-230716 005
ntrance with the Evangelion – - a part of the very liturgy. 
At the head of the procession a basket with loaves of bread is carried, which symbolize, or, to be more precise, REPLACE the holy communion - the Body of Our Lord Jesus Christ
, and most accurate - just mock the Sacred, make theatre of it!
Behind the basket there is carried the Evangelion. It is being carried by the orthodox, or rather, calling himself “orthodox” bishop of Toronto Sotirius from the Constantinopolean Patriarchate of the new calendar “church”.

i-230716 006 “bishop” Sotirius of Toronto, of the Constantinopolitan Patriarchate of the new calendar “church”, is “blessing” with the Gospel the participants of the mulbicoloured liturgy.

i-230716 007
“metropolitan” Chrisostomos, of the Constantinopolitan Patriarchate of the new calendar “church” performs the “breaking of the bread” for the ecumenical communion!
With this mockery, with this send-up they have replaced the Holiest Sacred Service, which in the Orthodox Liturgy is performed at the exclamation “Let us attend! Holy of Holies!” - a sacrilegious theatre made of the Sacred - EXTREME of the impiety.
i-230716 008 And this is - “psalmody” of the motley-spiritual liturgy!...  This is a completely satanic ritual.  But what most of all exhibits them as EXTREME traitors and extreme destroyers of the faith is their hiding behind the holy othodox rassa and, using the Sacred Hymns which we offer up to the Holy God – which
He Himself has delivered to His Saints - but these here glorify satan, seducing the naive with their mask.
i-230716 009 A joint liturgy in Canbera, Australia, on the 7-th of February, 1991.  “The 7- th Assembly of the World Council of Churches”.  Like the liturgy in Vancouver, Canada, this one also begins with
OPEN PAGANISM - a ritual
invocation of the filthy spirits to come and “bless” and “sanctify” the liturgy and all of its participants.

A fire was lit up and then from it proceeded “purifying smoke”.

ALL who took part in the liturgy passed through this smoke and this “purification”:  also the representatives of the Constantinopolitan Patriarchate and of the Greek New calendar church, and of the Moscow Patriarchate, and of the Serbian one, and all of the participants who name themselves “orthodox” - all of them, entering the Tabernacle of worship, went through that polluting “purifying” devillish smoke - censing to the devils.
i-230716 010 The Tabernacle of Worship.
Where is the joint liturgy performed? They made an enormous tent, reminding of the Old-Testament tabernacle.    They called it “The Tabernacle of Worship”.
There they raised a platform, similar to a theatrical stage.
They even put there a caricature of a “holy” communion table.  The “liturgy” will be serviced on it.

However, before this should take place, at the very beginning there is done an invocation of the filthy spirits
Australian shamanic rituals, cries, jumpings  dances...

Here are also the ecumenists, naming themselves “orthodox”.
Here is their “orthodoxy”!

What connection does all this have with the Holy Orthodoxy?
Was it ever permissible that in front of the Holy Communion Table - where an orthodox priest or Hierarch is going to serve Holy Liturgy, savages, half-naked, painted over with colours
were allowed in advance to jump in the altar in front of the Holy Communion Table and utter such unhuman, devillish cries?

(here half naked jumping and screaming just before this caricature of a “holy” communion table.)

Is this Orthodoxy?  What connection at all does this have with the Orthodoxy? 

This is AN EXTREME of impiety!

But this mockery – the new calendarists-ecumenists have deserved it by themselves with their participation in the global religion - both their clergy and laity!
  It deserves to see the video as well - once is enough for a person who is normal sane, who has not lost his mind like them – to become disgusted and never again come close to these scoffers, dressed in a robe of "priests" and "bishops"! - Because precisely in this consists the whole religious trick and theater played:
a) they come here and participate in these satanic rituals, and then
b) return in Bulgaria and in all countries in which the state "church" has fallen in the heresy of ecumenism - and there in front of the gullible who go to their churches, they play the role of "orthodox". Externally a verisimilar mask - but in fact this is throwing sand in the eyes and so this whole religious community, the new-calendar "church" - both clergy and the laity who do not separate from them – not for a moment has ceased to be an active part of the global religion of the antichrist. Exactly in this consists the trick planned - namely so it is planned!
  EXTREME mockery!

Of course, in extreme impiety fall also those laity, priests and bishops who
a) on one hand reside among the Genuine Orthodox,
b) BUT who AFTER ALL THESE EXTREMES OF the heresy of ecumenism - still continue to argue that supposedly it is still possible to give Holy Sacraments to the ecumenists naming themselves "orthodox" - supposedly "by oeconomy"! - and that supposedly "the extreme" are not themselves, but supposedly extreme were those Genuine Priests who refuse to give to ecumenists the Sacrament of the GENUINE Body and the GENUINE Blood of our Lord Jesus Christ, and other GENUINE Church Sacraments (Marriage, Unction, etc.)!

What answer will give at the Fearful Judgment of the Lord Jesus Christ those laity, priests and bishops who formally reside among the Genuine Orthodox, but in fact apostatize (2.Thes.2:2-3), and so pervert the Holy Orthodoxy?
- Will they be placed alongside the Saints and Confessors of the Faith - since they subject to persecutions and in every way embitter the lives of those Genuine Priests of the Lord,
- Or will they be placed in one row and put to the same doom with the heretics ecumenists persecutors of the Church of Christ?...

Let's be very careful, let's take careof our Salvation SERIOUSLY!


More than 4000 participants gathered together in the “Tabernacle of Worship”.

Here take part
representatives of ALL Local churches called “orthodox”:

18 persons - representatives of the Constantinople Patriarchate, with the then “metropolitan” of Chalcedonia, now “patriarch” Bartholomew at the head;

12 persons - representatives of the Greek new calendar “church” with “metropolitan” of Neapol and Stavropol Dionisius.

i-230716 011 The cassock-bearer in the upper left corner is not some ordinary photographer.  He is Christodulos himself, then “metropolitan” of Demetriados, and later on “archbishop” of the new calendar “church” of Greece.

The most numerous deputation - almost 40 representatives of the Moscow Patriarchate,
headed by "bishop" Smolensky Kirill (Gundyaev), later playing the role of "patriarch" of Moscow and All Russia.
- Тук са също и представители на Сръбската, Българската и други поместни „църкви”, именуващи се „православни”, с две думи – въобще ВСИЧКИ в комплект, няма отсъстващи.

i-230716 012

Paradox, outrage or what?

To wit - read it ALL those who by this symbol of the Holy Orthodox Faith are put under anathema in the Holy Seven Ecumenical Councils - it is the symbol of their anathema!

Really - what sort of madness can be not seen here!

At the head of this paradoxical reading of auto-Anathema - the “archbishop” of the new calendar church Stellian of Australia, Constantinople Patriarchate.
Therefore - arch-heretic.
The reading is carried out in English.
i-230716 013 Along with him there is another arch-heretic:  Chrysostomus, the “metropolitan” of Mira, who performed the “breaking of the bread” for the ecumenical “communion” in the “lithurgy” in Vancouver.  Between them two there stays the protestant woman-”priest” Lois - she has put also a priest epitrachelion on herself, on her neck - and so the masquerade is completed
i-230716 014
And now “metropolitan” Chrysostomus is reading “The Lord’s Prayer”.
He is reading it in Greek and all the rest heretics are reading this prayer - everyone in his language. Babylon - in its most eloquent manifestation!
i-230716 015
Next is the liturgical kiss “Let based love one another”. 
It is of sacramental character, the ones that kiss each other in it express that they have identity of conviction and FULL UNITY OF FAITH.
i-230716 016 Christodulos, the recent “archbishop” of the ecumenists new calendarists of all Greece, the then “metropolitan”of Demetriados also participates in this sacramental liturgical kiss.
He also believes as this pagan.  He came joyfully to declare that they have FULL UNITY OF FAITH!
Such is the “orthodoxy” of ecumenists, of new calendarists.  And now if someone of the genuine orthodox priests or Bishops wishes to administer Holy Communion to new calendarists - “well, by economy!” - let him administer Holy Communion to heretics, or pray with them, or place them sing on the cliros:  but OH HIS OWN ACCOUNT!  But are we obliged to consider him “orthodox” - “by economy” too?...

-230716 017
The serbian “priest” Milash, calling himself “orthodox”, conducts a choir of 80 people of different heresies.

i-230716 019. A protestant “priestess” is reading the Gospel
 Lord gives authority to His Apostles (and through them to the Bishops and the priests): “Receive ye the Holy Ghost:  Whose soever sins ye remit, they are remitted unto them; and whose soever sins ye retain, they are retained.”(Jn 20:22-23). 

Dreams of priest authority, epitrachelion and earrings - everything together…
i-230716 020

So-called “orthodox” “bishops”, “priests” and laity taking part in this liturgy, which is ministered by Protestant female “priestesses”.
i-230716 022
“Holy” “coming out” from the “liturgy”.  It is conducted by the protestant female “priest” Lyois, swinging merrily, candle-in-hand, to the rhythm of tarambouco psalmody....

i-230716 023.
She is followed by protestants and...  some calling themselves “orthodox”.  Among them even some having the appearance of “spiritual elders”.

i-230716 024.
...and also the very-merry Christodulus the future Archbishop of the new-calendarists ecumenists of all Greece...


i-230716 025
The topic of this interreligious circus was:  “Come, Holy Spirit! Renew every creature”
But WHAT is the spirit that descended upon the multicoloured liturgy? -
Was it the Holy Spirit, or some other spirit (or spirits)?

We receive a clear answer to our question by the unambiguous sign which this religious leader at times shows from the height of the platform during his religious jumping at the end of the liturgy of the church of the evil one...
(On the video document, he constantly shows this sign within minutes).


The events we have described here very briefly, without details, clearly show that the new calendar church of Greece is not just a “New calendar orthodox church” but rather a heretical church - which belongs to the WORLD heresy of ecumenism = church of the antichrist. 

Exactly the same is the case with the Moscow Patriarchate, and with all the churches of the former Soviet Union, notwithstanding that they are not newcalendarist, but follow the old calendar

The same applies also to the local churches of Serbia, Bulgaria, Romania and to all who collaborate and pray together, united in the same PAN-heresy of ecumenism - the church of the evildoers = Global Religion of the antichrist.
All these “churches” which belong to the World religion of all the heresies, have for decades now ceased to be, and
cannot be orthodox! 
They are heretical and moreover, of the worst heresy throughout the history of humanity – the pan-heresy of ecumenism! 
Such a heresy was not seen in the whole course of the human history until nowadays. 
Each separate heresy or false religion is incomparably less dangerous than this SINGLE COMMON RELIGION uniting in itself all the heresies and religions.

In no case may “churches” belonging to this PAN-HERESY be called “orthodox” - because they are sub-organizations of the church of the evildoers = Global Religion of the antichrist.

For this reason even His Eminence Metropolitan Kallinikos of Achaia and All Peloponnesos, at a meeting preceding the perilous visit of the Roman Pope inGreece in 2001, said openly, inambiguously, and clearly in front of the Orthodox Laity and of all the Hierarchs of the Genuine Orthodox Church of Greece:

- "The new calendar church and all who are part of it, belong to the pan-heresy of ecumenism.  They ARE NOT orthodox!  THEY HAVE NO sacraments!  THEY DO NOT HAVE the Grace of the Holy SpiritTHEY ARE HERETICSAll who are there have no hope of salvation while remaining thereTHEY MUST get out of where they are in order to receive this hope If any of us calms them that where they are they can be saved - this is OUR treason!  And anyone who deludes them in this way will REPLY TOGETHER WITH THEM at the Fearful Judgement of the Lord when they will be condemned as heretics!”

No one objected to such an open statement of this Orthodox Hierarch of Christ!  Moreover the WHOLE HALL applauded!  And there were present a lot of clerics!  ALL the hierarchs clapped hands!  This obliges them to the people and much more to God to hold also by their deeds this very Faith, which with such enthusiasm and openly before the people they supported and with their applause CONFESSED! if not - then no doubt they will hear the fearful voice of Christ damning them: "Woe to you hypocrites!"
(Mat.15:7, Mat.16:3, Mat.22:18, Mat.23:13, Mat.23:14, Mat.23:15, Mat.23:23, Mat.23:25, Mat.23:27, Mat.23 29, Luke11:44, Luke12:56...)

NOTE: To great regret - thirteen (13) years later (in 2014) this hierarch forgot these words of his and, seduced by mercenary motives and thirst for power FELL from his hierarchical dignity (like satan fell from Heaven) and fell in UNIA with the most evil kind of ecumenism – the heresy of kipriyanism. This heresy was created by the arch-heretic Cyprian (Kutsumbas) who remained unrepentant to his very death and was punished by God with a scary sign to the fear of his followers (and the fallen from his bishopry Kallinikos of Achaea) - to fear of the coming Terrible Judgment of God which awaits them UNAVOIDABLY - if they remain unrepentant like the unrepentant heresiarch Cyprian.
See this video 1 min 25 sec: | EN | RU | GR | BG | and think for yourself:
 Once God Himself shows this way that condemned heretic  
is it possible for men to “cancel” his deposition and condemnation?
ANATHEMA against the heresy of kipriyanism in which Kallinikos fell, and which ANATHEMA should be read each year in the Rite of the Anathemas on Sunday of Orthodoxy:

Anathema Against "metropolitan" Cyprian of Oropos and Fili
Pronounced by
the Genuine Orthodox Church
each Sunday of Orthodoxy

To the deposed Metropolitan Cyprian Koutsoumbas, “the Exorcist,” and propagator of demonic teaching, and to all those who follow him, who teach that those who fall into heresy are still part of the Church of Christ, and that their mysteries are grace-filled, and who teach that the Church of Christ is divided into two parts - one ailing with heresy and one healthy without heresy - and thus maintain that the Holy Body of Christ not only can be divided but also be infected with the disease of falsehood, who oppose the holy Apostle Paul who says that the holy Church is a “glorious Church, not having spot, or wrinkle, or any such things [Eph.5:27]”, and who commune heretics and have therefore succumbed to the heresy of Ecumenism, 

And so - let it be known:
- The most pernicious heresy in the world is not ecumenism!
The most pernicious heresy in the world is kipriyanism! - because it is this same heresy of ecumenism, but slyly presented in the form of a "struggle against ecumenism."

I have always taught my students:
- From two equally dangerous traps - more dangerous is this trap, which is more cleverly disguised

After all these clear and unambiguous testimonies and evidence which we provided here - any sane person should realize that:
- The PAN-heresy of ecumenism - this is the last heresy! Another heresy after it there will not be - it is also logically impossible - because all heresies without exception are brought together in this one!
- The only thing that remains - this is the coming of the antichrist himself - and THIS is his religion!

Yes, THIS is the religion of the antichrist as theory and ideology.
But the enactment in practice of this religion of the antichrist, especially among those who are only by name "orthodox" (the naming themselves "orthodox") but essentially have nothing in common with the Holy Orthodoxy - is performed exactly through the heretics kipriyanites, as particularly fanatical workers of the antichrist (2Cor.11:13).

That is why - I again repeat and emphasize:
- The most pernicious heresy in the world is not ecumenism!
The most pernicious heresy in the world is kipriyanism! - because it is this same heresy of ecumenism, but slyly presented in the form of a "struggle against ecumenism."

And of the different types of kipriyanism - the most pernicious is the heresy of the Kallinikite kipriyanism - spread until this day by Kallinikos and his flatterers for the seduction of many men, if possible even of the elect as the Lord foretold (Мат.24:24). 
Kipriyanism is the means = the poison = the bridge to perdition = the slyest bait for the elect >>> pushed through by satan in the world with the aim
TO SEDUCE, if possible, even the elect under the form of a "struggle against ecumenism" - to attract them and drive EVEN THEM into the PAN-heresy of ecumenism = in the Global "church" of the antichrist = in the Global Religion of the antichrist = into the Babylonian harlot (Rev.17:5, Rev.18:2) >>> which 
- constantly and hypocritically speaks of "brotherly love"
- but in fact is drunken with the blood of the Saints - as the Lord Himself evidences about her (Rev.17:5-6).
 Kipriyanism is the needle that pulls behind itself its thread-tail, drags it into the garment of curse (Psal.108:17-19) and sews it into it for perdition and eternal torment.

For more info - go here:


As we have already stated after the restoration of Adam to Heaven, the first commandment of God towards us is resumed: we are allowed to taste only of Tree of Life and never of the tree of knowing of good and evil - for the Law of God is invariable unto ages and ages! That is why the Law of God is renewed.

Therefore it is in no way allowed that:

1) a Christian, i.e.  a man who by God’s Grace already belongs to the Tree of Life, taste also of the tree of knowing of good and evil - the tree, which is the church of the evildoers itself:  “I hated the church of the evildoers and with the wicked I will not sit” (Ps.25:5) Such a one will not save himself unless he repents and brings forth fruits meet for his repentance (Mt.3:8-10).

2) a servant of the Lord, i.e. a clergyman of the Genuine orthodox Church administer Holy Communion to people who belong to the tree of knowing of good and evil - that is to the church of the wicked, - and are not yet LAWFULLY joined to the Church of the Genuine Orthodox Christians.

Every clergyman - whether Priest or High Priest - whoever gives the Holy Mysteries - the Body of Jesus Christ to such a person who is not yet united with the Body of of the Lord Jesus Christ = with the Holy Orthodox Church - such a clergyman MAKES NOT economy, but does extreme wickedness: GUILTY is against the Body and Blood of the Lord!!! (1Cor.11:27) - because he does not distinguish the Body and Blood of the Lord (1Cor.11:29)

It is even more wicked when such a priest says:
- “E, I am doing this by economy!”
This is a wickedness through which he opposes against God Himself, this is not “economy” but an extreme lawlessness! 
He himself is an extreme man and wicked = an enemy of God
The Most-holy Mother of God Herself has revealed this in the Life of the 26 Martyrs of the Zograph Monastery in the Holy Mountain:  “The enemies of My Son and My personal enemies”. 
For such a one there is no salvation unless he repents!

A proof to 1) and 2):  in a like manner, there was no salvation for Adam by economy, when he tasted of the tree of knowing of good and evil, and because he DID NOT accept to repent - he accepted death!  
The only way is REPENTANCE and Reuniting with God, and not at all “talking of economies”.

This is the ONLY teaching of the Holy Orthodox Church:
«Anyone who should speak against what is established,
even if he were worthy of faith, even if he were fasting, even if he wereworking signs, and even if he were prophesying -
consider him a WOLF in sheep’s clothing,
who DOES HARM to the sheep.

Father John Bulgarian

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лъжливи епитети?


и вие ще откриете Истинния отговор САМИ!


Отец Иоан, помогнете на Владика Натанаил.

История на прилагането
на резултатната терапия

и полезни сведения, които многократно увеличават ефективността на нейното действие






на Истинни Православни Християни

по машинациите
на Натанаил


Какво е това АНАТЕМА?

бягството на Лот от проклетия от Бога Содом преди да излее Бог Своя справедлив гняв над това що Сам Той
е проклел


Истинската Българска
е по-древна
от латинската
и гръцката

с хилядолетия

и историческите факти свидетелстват че и двете тези са произлезли от нея.

Светите Братя Кирил и Методий (Българи от Царствения род Дуло) НЕ СА ИЗМИСЛИЛИ НОВА Азбука на Българите а само са направили РЕФОРМА на Азбуката на Древната Българска Цивилизация.


Драги нашенецо, ти си изучавай и си говори
Английски език
аз лично съм привърженик на Британския и се стремя да избягвам съблазънта на американизирането му)
обаче, моля те, недей прекомерно да се превземаш и да се увличаш и да залиташ в Англомания, защото, честно да ти призная - започва да ми се гади...

За това, което може би никога не си чувал за

Анлийския език
клик ТУК!


Истинската Цивилизация 
На Древните



НЕ Е най-големият строеж
в света!

В сравнение с пирамидите на Древната Българска Цивилизация,
открити в Имеон (нашата древна прародина)
Хеопс е джудже!


Национализъм, патриотизъм и национал-нихилизъм

Много добре ми е ясно, че много от хората които четат предидущата публикация
Английския език Драги нашенецо,.... също и много нашенци, ще ме укорят в неприязън към други нации и може би даже в
Български шовинизъм.
Това обаче няма да е вярно.
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