Our Spiritual Genealogy

Do not renounce your roots - lest you be cut off from the root!


1. Our Spiritual Father is Father John (Vasilevski) a Bulgarian of ancient lineage of Bulgarian Scholars and Clergymen.

One of his ancestors is the prominent pious Man of letters Grandfather Dragan, for whom was ordered in "Zograph" the renowned Draganov Menaion. This family Tree by length in time exceeds two times the history of the United States and is written by the Holy Hierarch Sophronius of Vratsa, after his careful study and personal conversation with representatives of the family. Today it is stored as a valuable historical monument in BAS (Bulgarian Academy of Sciences).


2. Spiritual Father of Father John is Archimandrite Seraphim (Alexiev) Professor Doctor (1912-1993).

Saint, whose Spiritual writings are known not only in Bulgaria but in Russia, in the United States and everywhere where with love is preached and professed
the Holy Orthodox Faith.


3. His Spiritual Father is Archbishop Seraphim (Sobolev)
(1 Dec. 1881 — 26 Feb. 1950)



4. His Spiritual Father is St. Theophan the New Recluse of Poltava
(12 Jan. 1873 - 19 Feb. 1940)

- a man of High Spirituality - Venerable ascetic with the gift of wonderworking even during his lifetime.

Confessor of the Royal Family Martyrs in Russia.


5. His Spiritual Father is St. Theophan the Recluse
(8 Jan. 1815 — 6 Jan. 1894)

- renowned worldwide Venerable Holy Hierarch, preacher and zealot of Holy Orthodoxy.


Further back in time
our Spiritual Genealogy Tree
continues with ascetics giants and zealots of Holy Orthodoxy, for a more detailed revealing of which there would be required a special additional study and research.
Whereas our goal here is to present it as short as possible - only for initial and popular information.


Supplied short historical records.

At the end of his earthly life Archbishop Seraphim (Sobolev) under the active pressure and machinations of the mason knyaz Andrew Lieven, falls in deception and is incited against his Spiritual Father St.Theophan of Poltava, enters in conflict with him, slanders him and joins the godless and god-fighting "church" of the Moscow patriarchate. The mason Andrew Lieven is the son of the mason Minister knyaz Lieven who personally organized the persecution against Motovilov, because of the categorical refusal of Motovilov to accept masonry. (Motovilov is a spiritual child of St.Seraphim of Sarov). About the persecution against Motovilov, organized by Minister knyaz Lieven, read Sergei Nilus "The Great in the Small":
"Barataev called him (Motovilov) to himself and said: You will never get this position as you will never see your own ears. And not only will you not get this position, but you will not get any other public position, for both Musin-Pushkin, and the Minister knyaz Lieven – are subordinated to me masons. My order - is law for them!"

0002_ From 1968 to 1992 - the Genuine Orthodox Church of Bulgaria is without connection with a canonical Hierarh due to the falling away of the Bulgarian Patriarchate from the Holy Orthodoxy and its falling into the pan-heresy of ecumenism (as a subordinate structure of the godless and god-fighting "church" of the Moscow patriarchate).

The Hierarchs and many Priests who disagreed with the apostasy were killed or sent to concentration camps. One of them is Schema-arhimandrite Macarius (known among the unacquainted people as "Father Michael").

Alive and at liberty remain only the subordinated and selected by the regime - and thus the god-fighting government nationalizes the administration and the Bulgarian Church ceases to be Orthodox, ceases to be a Church at all - turns under the appearance of "church" into a repressive machine that is completely subordinated to the apparatus of the god-fighting government (the details are known - agents, their dossiers and so on - and it is not necessary to repeat them).

So the Genuine Orthodox Church of Bulgaria is represented by a few zealots, laity and Priests who neither obey the administration of the fake state "church" nor are in connection with them - and live secret but Genuine Church life, in conditions of constant repressions, persecutions, risk to life and without connection to a canonical Hierarchy - closed behind the Iron curtain and physically detached from the Canonical Hierarchies worldwide

0004_ In 1992 Father John restores the unity of the Genuine Orthodox Church of Bulgaria with a canonical Orthodox Hierarchy, as he joins with his flock the Genuine Orthodox Church of Greece, which is under the Spiritual in Christ Guidance of Archbishop Chrysostom of Athens.

From 1993 onwards the Temporary administrator of the Bulgarian Genuine Orthodox Church Metropolitan Euthymius three times before the flock offers to Father John Episcopal Rank, but Father John refuses this high honor, grounding himself on his personal conviction that he will be more useful in the Serving of the Lord as a regular Priest - regular officer from the Invincible and All-conquering Glorious Army of the Lord Jesus Christ – our King and God!

Several years later the same proposal is given to him at a Synodal Meeting in connection with the newborn Genuine Orthodox Church of Serbia, in the building of which he has personally had active participation. But Father John apologizes and refuses on the same grounds. His request is not considered uncanonical and is granted: he remains an ordinary regular Orthodox Priest.

0006_ For several years the managing Metropolitan insists on Father John’s coming and staying in serving in Greece. Initially Father John refuses because he does not want to lead an easy life in Greece, when in Bulgaria the congregation endures hardship and persecution. But a few years later, after the managing Metropolitan ordains Spiritual children of Father John for Priests, to help in the Serving among the flock and the difficulties in Bulgaria are overcomed, Father John agrees and in 1999 comes and stays in Serving in Greece. Here he is gladly met especially by the Pontic Greeks, who are in need of a Russian-speaking shepherd - and since then Father John lives in the mountains of Northern Greece and has spiritual children throughout Greece.

0007_ The confession of the Holy Orthodox Faith in the Genuine Orthodox Church of Bulgaria to this day remains pure and spotless - such as it was confessed by Orthodox Bulgaria even before the bolshevik invasion of our Motherland, to wit - such as it was preached even by the Holy Apostles and Holy Fathers of the Church


It is an indubitable fact that the Holy Orthodox Faith can not be held in purity and spotlessness without the Holy Protection of God the Holy Spirit Himself!
Powerful human States and Civilizations bend under the pressure of their enemies and disappear from the face of the earth, or to withstand - are forced and change their laws repeatedly. In the testimony of the great scientist Blaise Pascal, there has not existed even one powerful human State - even for 1000 years without resorting to such bending! By human means and with human might – it is impossible! Proven impossible!

Therefore - indubitable Divine Evidence is the fact that even today, when the majority of the local churches fell in the apostasy which St.Apostle Paul speaks of (2.Sol.2:2-3), in the pan-heresy of ecumenism, however, the Holy Orthodox Church does not communicate with the retreated from the Orthodoxy local "churches" and globally remains unchanged and holds to this very day the Holy Orthodox Faith - in such purity as it was preached 2,000 years ago by the Holy Apostles of Christ! United with Her is the Genuine Orthodox Church in Bulgaria. This amazing phenomenon - endurance changelessness and purity of the Faith, held such as it was revealed to men by the Eternal Unchanging Absolute God Himself, this phenomenon unique in all times and all over the world - was made possible not by human power and not by human might, but - only thanks to the Divine Absolute Power of God the Holy Spirit Himself! He, God the Holy Spirit Himself, Sent by the Lord Jesus Christ Himself our King and God (John.15:26) by His promise (John.15:7), is Who Acts and Holds the Church and the Faith - by the prayers of the Holy Apostles and all Holy Fathers of the Church.

By their Holy prayers may this seriousness of the Bulgarians, which produces such an impression and amazes even the enemies - remain a characteristic of the Bulgarian Genuine Orthodoxy forever:

- firmer than the steel of the sword that cuts with lightning speed - and things remain already on the right and left of it - a fateful action!

more invincible than the fire a burning force that devours all who resist on its way,

more brilliant than the lightning that cuts the darkness of the black stormy roaring sky,

more stable and long-lived than the stones from which people build their monuments - in attempts and search for human glorification,

- forever means: founded on the One Absolute Stone on Whom, the one who stumbles - will be broken to pieces, and the one on whom He falls - will be crushed (Rom.9:32-33) - the Eternal Stone - our Savior King Lord and God Jesus Christ – the Creator the Maker and Absolute Sovereign of all things visible and invisible!
(1.Cor.15:25-28, Eph.1:22, Col.1:16,
John.20:28: My Lord and my God!
John.1:1: And the Word was God!


The Therapy of

The only (so far) in the world Methodology that
will cure cancer
and other diseases declared incurable - will cure effectively and permanently.
Of course - with God's help!

Help save
human lives for FREE!


Spiritual Genealogy

Do not renounce your roots - lest you be cut off from the root!


The Church of Christ
and the "church" of the evildoers



Православен Празничник

Православните Празници

"Православен Календар"

- да, така сме свикнали
обикновено да четем
Но по-правилно е
да насочим нашето

Православните Празници
 защото те са важните
а не човешките числа!



Всяка Наука извежда към Бога


За Православната Църковна проповед

КАК да различаваме лесно
- Православната проповед
- от лукавата проповед!


на Древната Българска Цивилизация

е най-точният и
в света.


Истинската Цивилизация 
На Древните






Нашите Светии

Светите Братя
Кирил и Методий

са Българи
от Царствения род Дуло

– вижте тяхното

Родословно Дърво
до 7 поколения назад!

Не се отричай от своите Корени – за да не бъдеш ти отсечен от корен!



Нашите Светии
(Статията е на Руски език
Български превод се очаква)

Наши Святые
Въ Писменехъ
и Кънигъ и Папирусехъ

Святая Равноапостольная Ольга Просветитеньница
Всея Руси

Святой Михаил Первый Митрополит Киевский и Всея Руси Чудотворец Болгарин

Не отрицайся Корней своихчтобы небыл ты отсечен от корня!


Защо Натанаил
и другите като него клеветят
Истинните Православни Християни
че уж били секта, или ерес и с други
лъжливи епитети?


и вие ще откриете Истинния отговор САМИ!


Отец Иоан, помогнете на Владика Натанаил.

История на прилагането
на резултатната терапия

и полезни сведения, които многократно увеличават ефективността на нейното действие






на Истинни Православни Християни

по машинациите
на Натанаил


Какво е това АНАТЕМА?

бягството на Лот от проклетия от Бога Содом преди да излее Бог Своя справедлив гняв над това що Сам Той
е проклел


Истинската Българска
е по-древна
от латинската
и гръцката

с хилядолетия

и историческите факти свидетелстват че и двете тези са произлезли от нея.

Светите Братя Кирил и Методий (Българи от Царствения род Дуло) НЕ СА ИЗМИСЛИЛИ НОВА Азбука на Българите а само са направили РЕФОРМА на Азбуката на Древната Българска Цивилизация.


Драги нашенецо, ти си изучавай и си говори
Английски език
аз лично съм привърженик на Британския и се стремя да избягвам съблазънта на американизирането му)
обаче, моля те, недей прекомерно да се превземаш и да се увличаш и да залиташ в Англомания, защото, честно да ти призная - започва да ми се гади...

За това, което може би никога не си чувал за

Анлийския език
клик ТУК!


Истинската Цивилизация 
На Древните



НЕ Е най-големият строеж
в света!

В сравнение с пирамидите на Древната Българска Цивилизация,
открити в Имеон (нашата древна прародина)
Хеопс е джудже!


Национализъм, патриотизъм и национал-нихилизъм

Много добре ми е ясно, че много от хората които четат предидущата публикация
Английския език Драги нашенецо,.... също и много нашенци, ще ме укорят в неприязън към други нации и може би даже в
Български шовинизъм.
Това обаче няма да е вярно.
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